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Spotlight On: Jeanie Tuzzio



Connecticut Theatre Company’s “Spotlight On…” series continues with a look into our talented cast and crew of Nine. Get to know Jeanie Tuzzio who is in our Ensemble!



Introduce Yourself to Our Audience:



Why did you want to be involved in this production?

I was in the first post-pandemic production here, Guys and Dolls, and they announced Nine for that season! I was so excited for a show that’s not the same 5 shows every theater company is doing, but also a show that gives voices to women in so many different ways and places.


How do you prepare for a new role or character, and what techniques do you use?

I read the script a couple of times and then I meet my scenemates and see how we each see our characters. An important of character building is understanding how you relate to other characters and your character’s relationships.


What do you love about your character?

That she doesn’t need to speak to make her presence felt! 


What challenges did you face bringing the script to life?

Less the script and more the music! This is the most challenging music I’ve ever worked on and it requires a level of attention to detail. 


Who do you look up to (as an actor/director/etc.)?

As an artist I look up to Beyonce. She brings HERSELF to everything she does and tries EVERYTHING. When I hear her sing, watch her dance, or see her act I see distinctly different personalities all united through the essence of her. That’s what I strive for. 


What’s the last thing you do before you step out on stage / the curtain goes up?

If I wanted to be intellectual or methodical, I would say I take a deep breath and say a meaningful quote. In reality, what I actually do is the “Brr Brr Mah Mah” thing that Ryan and Sharpay do in HSM. 


What is your favorite film or theater production and why?

Modern: Rent/Hedwig
Golden Age: Funny Girl
I really love simple plots that are made complicated by zooming into characters and giving them an opportunity to wrestle with the most important things in life (self-worth, love, identity)


Nine opens May 17th and runs through June 2nd at Connecticut Theatre Company. Tickets on sale now!


“A galloping fantasy [with a] ravishingly inventive and tuneful score.” – The New York Times