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Spotlight On: Jonathen Whitford



Connecticut Theatre Company’s “Spotlight On…” series continues with a look into our talented cast and crew of Cabaret. Get to know Jonathen Whitford who is portraying a Kit Kat Boy!



Introduce Yourself to Our Audience:

Jonathen Whitford

Age:29 | Productions Prior:1|

Character(s): [1] Herman (Kit Kat Boy) , [2] Sailor [3] Max (*part* Owner of the Kit Kat Klub)


Why did you want to be involved in this production?

I was looking for something musically challenging and being on stage was fun in school because of how ironically freeing the stage is despite it’s pressure of performing. In some ways it’s a childlike wonder that’s hard to find as an adult and that’s a blessing when you do.


How do you prepare for a new role or character, and what techniques do you use?

I just have fun in the rehearsal process and the more you have to be someone the easier it is to understand them and embody who they are by becoming yourself in that role.


What do you love about your character?

Because he isn’t outlined in the script I’m able to give him his own life in my mind. Herman is a smart man and dances for the Kit Kat Klub as a side job to pay for his new soda line: Fanta.


What challenges did you face bringing the script to life?

Dancing, because I cannot dance, Herman Loves to wiggle. We meet somewhere in the middle which is something akin to a shimmy and a shake.


Who do you look up to (as an actor/director/etc.)?

Any of the cast from the original Charmed and anyone over 6 ft.


What’s the last thing you do before you step out on stage / the curtain goes up?

Say a thankful prayer for the opportunity and courage, then remind myself to have fun, because that’s what it’s all about.


What is your favorite film or theater production and why?

Seussical the musical. It’s so whimsical and true, passionate and stupid. Teaching both lessons and nonsense.


Cabaret opens July 19th and runs through August 4th at Connecticut Theatre Company. Tickets on sale now!


“A stunning musical… this marionette’s-eye view of a time and place in our lives that was brassy, wanton, carefree and doomed to crumble is brilliantly conceived.”– Walter Kerr, The New York Times

“Stunning… a masterpiece of musical theater penned as a cautionary tale and not at all leavened by the embrace of paradox.” – Chris Jones, The Chicago Tribune