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Spotlight On: Allie Reya


Connecticut Theatre Company’s “Spotlight On…” series continues with a look into our talented cast and crew of The Drowsy Chaperone. Get to know Allie Reya who is portraying one of our Pastry Chefs!




Introduce Yourself to Our Audience:

I’m Allie Reya.  First and foremost, I am a vocalist who’s been classically trained for about 10+ years now.  I can honestly get down with any type of music,  I just find I resonate with Pop and Musical Theatre the best!  I also happen to have just released my very first studio album on September 30th of this year on all streaming platforms!  The album is entitled, “Drama Queen”.   Go stream it now!  I’m also a girl who can’t keep her mouth shut about fragrances so there’s that.  LOL  

Some of my most honorable past roles include Arvin from, “Zanna Don’t!” and Mr. Mushnik from, “The Little Shop of Horrors”.


What is challenging about bringing this script to life?

I feel like this show can require a little more energy at times and that can be difficult on days where we don’t feel like we have SO much stamina. 


Why did you want to be involved in this production?

I believe that it’s very important, as a performer, to expand your horizons (and your resume) when it comes to doing shows your not really familiar with, it can often show your flexibility and willingness to adapt to new songs and scripts. Also, over time I fell in love with my character and insisted on being able to play her. Hahahaha.


Who is the show is most like their character?

I could give multiple different answers for this. I feel like there’s something I can see from everyone in the cast about how much they’re all like their characters. But for me, I’d have to say that Susan is a lot like the Chaperone. The energy and inflection are just right on the money EVERY time. We love to see it!


What’s going to surprise people about this show?

I mean, between the wedding that almost never was, dancing in roller skates, the gangsters posing as pastry chefs, the movie star heartthrob, the unusual romances and making that all set in the 1920s….I’d honestly ask what the audience shouldn’t expect. There’s so much to unpack from this show!


What will the audience be thinking about in the car as they drive home after this show?

“What on earth was that? And why do I wanna see it again?”


The Drowsy Chaperone opens December 1st and runs through December 17th at Connecticut Theatre Company. Tickets on sale now!

Hailed by New York Magazine as “The Perfect Broadway Musical,” The Drowsy Chaperone is a masterful meta-musical, poking fun at all the tropes that characterize the musical theatre genre.