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Spotlight On: Ben Silberman


Connecticut Theatre Company’s “Spotlight On…” series continues with a look into our talented cast and crew of Guys and Dolls. Get to know Ben Silberman!



Please introduce yourself and state your role in the show.

Hello, I am Ben Silberman and I am one of the Co-Directors of this production.


Who is your favorite guy from the Guys and Dolls movie, Nathan Detroit or Sky Masterson?  Why?

Nathan Detroit is my favorite “guy” from Guys and Dolls because his character is such a contradiction.  Nathan Detroit is everything you would hate in a person.  He breaks the law, manipulates, lies, takes advantage of people all to make money.  He has strung along the woman he loves for 14 years and can not commit to marrying her.  He is constantly dodging his doll and other trouble throughout the show and with all these terrible traits and behaviors you just can’t help but love and route for him the entire show.


Who is your favorite girl from the Guys and Dolls, Sarah Brown or Miss Adelaide? Why?

Miss Adelaide is my favorite doll in Guys and Dolls because, as with Nathan, you can’t help but love her as well.  She is a show girl, makes her own money, and completely in love with Nathan.  All she wants is to settle down with family, the guy she loves, and “the multiple kids they have”.  You just want it for her so bad.


What are you most excited about accomplishing in your role for this show?

As a director, I am excited to make sure all the elements of this production are brought together, give this amazing cast and crew all the tools they need, and ultimately present a show that the audience will absolutely love.


If you could be a part of Nathan’s gang, a Hot Box Girl, a Save A Soul Mission member, or Havana Night Club attendee, what would you choose?

Nathan’s gang would be a blast to be a part of because they are a lot of fun and they are in situations that are dangerous and exciting.


Tell the people something to get them excited for this show!

I honestly could not have ask for a better group of people to work with.  The amount of talent with this cast and creative team is off the charts.   We’ve only been rehearsing for a couple of weeks and I am already having a blast.   Guys and Dolls is going to kick off Connecticut Theatre Company’s 2020 (and SEVENTH) Season with a bang!!! 


With music and lyrics by Frank Loesser and book by Jo Swerling and Abe Burrows, Guys and Dolls opens March 20th and runs through April 5th at Connecticut Theatre Company. Tickets on sale now!